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Welcome to The Wineagency

The Wineagency is one of the leading importers of quality wine in Sweden. Our knowledge of the market and the wine business make us one of the most experienced teams with full control o the supply chain, from the producer to the customer!

Our sales team is constantly and successfully working with the top accounts in Sweden. The product
managers, logistics team, finance and administration guarantee that our wines are delivered to the right destination, at the right time! We work in close partnership with our wine producers and most of the wines in our portfolio are listed in the assortment of Systembolaget, the Swedish retailing monopoly, and available for the Swedish consumers. Working with wine is a life style, a way of living, no matter if you are a producer or an importer. You need to have a passion for wine. You also need to love and take active part in developing the wines in our market and never get tired in the search of new wines that will exceed our customers’ expectations.

 In our portfolio, you will find some of the best and most innovative, driving wine producers from different parts of the wine world. Passionate pioneers and trendsetters who all share the common goal of excellence. Every bottle shall offer to the consumer a tasteful experience irrespective of the price or origin. This is the reason we chose our partners in the wine business with great care and a long term perspective. Our common ambition and work is to be found in the quality of every bottle and every bib.

 Feel free to contact us for more information! 



Our team: 

Ann Burgaz

Ann Burgaz
Managing Director



Anna Burman

Anna Burman 




Carina Olmås

Carina Olmås
Brand Manager



Charlotta Lindow

Charlotta Lindow
Marketing Coordinator



Kajsa Ekman

Kajsa Ekman
Product & Business Development Manager



Välkommen till The Wineagency
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